Wild Spindle Oil and Wound Treatment

Experts state that Wild Spindle Oil is a miracle that benefits cell tissue and wound healing and can be applied directly to the skin. It is known that wild needles, which are the only source of Omega 7 in nature and which are almost never consumed as fruit, are very useful in the herbal treatment of eczema, sunburn and different types of burns, dermatitis, wounds and inflammations, especially in Far Eastern countries.

In addition, it is reported that Russian cosmonauts eat wild spindle fruits, the natural source of Omega 7, and use wild oleander oils in their creams to protect them from the bad effects of solar radiation while traveling in space.

Experts state that Omega 7 extract, which is obtained using the fruit of wild buckthorn, removes problems and wrinkles on the skin thanks to its antioxidant properties, if it is drunk or applied to the skin.

Omega 7 also helps to increase the body’s collagen production. In this way, it prevents the skin from wrinkling by losing its flexibility at the end of many years, and it also removes wrinkles by adding elasticity to the skin.