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Epidermosface Mask

New Generation Surgical Mask..

It provides extra protection with its double Meltblown Fabric Filter and its 4-layer structure


The Meltblown Fabric Epidermos Surgical Face Mask, which consists of a 3-layer structure, not only filters viruses and bacteria, but also abrasives, dust, small aerosol droplets or asbestos fibers.

Helps to the wire on the nose, it fits completely to the face and provides full protection. It does not cause any irritation of the skin during its use thanks to the ear elastic bands made of soft material.

  • 3 Layers
  • Meltblown Fabric, Double Layer
  • Bacteria Filtration: 98.6%
  • Soft Material


Meltblown; It is a micro and nanofiber production method in which a polymer melt is extruded through small nozzles surrounded by high-speed blowing gas. Meltblown fabrics are generally used in areas such as filters, medical masks, sound insulation, industrial cleaning.

It has a denser fiber structure thanks to its microfiber structure. 0.5 – 5 Micron diameter microfibers show higher filtering ability than Spunbond material.

Meltblown fabrics are more expensive than Spunbond fabrics used in most face mask production. Most mask manufacturers produce medical face masks in 3 layers. The first and last layer is Spunbond, and the middle layer is Meltblown.

– Meltblown fabric is easy to tear like paper –

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