Boron and Wound Treatment

Boron is very useful for treating wounds on the skin due to its antiseptic properties. It can be included in dressings for wounds such as cuts and burns. In addition, when used locally in certain areas such as feet, it can reduce excessive sweating that causes foot odor. Other skin problems boric acid can combat are many yeast and fungal infections of the skin such as athlete’s foot.

The chemical formula of boric acid is “H3BO3”, so it is also called hydrogen borate. Boron itself is an element in group 2, 3A in the periodic table with atomic number 5. Boron is a naturally occurring compound that always coexists with other elements. While it forms borax with sodium, it produces boric acid with oxygen.

Boron has been used in China and many Middle Eastern countries for centuries. Most people are aware of the many benefits of this chemical. Boric crystals were first made in 1702 by Wilhelm Homberg in a laboratory. That is why this chemical is also called “Homberg salt”.